Digital Intelligence (Meta Insights)

Digital Intelligence
for agencies 

Give your agency the keys to gain a strong competitive advantage by unlocking the world of audience intelligence. 

It’s time to embrace the new era of audience understanding and unlock digital consumer intelligence. In an ever evolving digital landscape traditional market research no longer cuts it.

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Uncover your
audience footprint


Data-driven persona generation


Competitive audience analysis

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Win new business

Gain a competitive advantage

The key to winning new business and creating successful pitches is to understand the consumer. Relying on experience or gut feeling isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to prove to your clients that you are able to understand the target audience by utilizing credible data from the world’s largest online community.

Amaze your clients 

Build data driven-campaigns

Defining the right targets, content, media and activation plans are all vital for effective advertising. Our platform has been built to overcome these challenges and enable data-driven campaigns by turning social data into accurate segments and actionable personas.

Providing business value for agencies

  • Enabling effective targeting definitions
  • Supporting media planning & buying
  • Identifying content opportunities & ideation
  • Providing new audience intelligence capabilities
  • Reducing research time and cost
  • Driving revenue via a reporting model to defining
    the best brand partnerships

Why choose SOPRISM?

In just a few minutes you are able to develop a complete understanding of any kind of target group (by profiling first party), current customers, competitors, supporters based on the most detailed global consumer insights, shaped every second by billions of digital users

Audience Insights are generated in real time not only providing socio-demographics but also a deep understanding of interests, values, preferences, hobbies, mindsets and segments that make up your target audiences.

Built with our clients in mind we guarantee a great user experience. Our platform hosts advanced data visualizations highlighting what matters most and intuitive navigation

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